Workshops and Webinars for Orthopedic Technicians and O&P Clinicians


Get to know the entire digital process chain.

Are you a certified prosthetist/orthotist and would like to get to know the digital process chain first hand? At our workshops and webinars, we will show you how you can digitally manufacture tailor-made orthoses and prosthetic feet.


Basic Webinars - Get started easily

Get a first overview on the topic of digitalization of orthotics with our basic webinars.

> Performing a digital pose correction of an uncorrected user scan.
> Modeling of a user scan with pointed foot into a digital functional form
> Orthosis design & configuration


LIVE (held in English)

In 3 steps to an orthosis blank: using digital tools easily

Dec.15, 2021, 6 - 7 pm (CET)

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Dec. 15, 2021, 6 - 7 pm (CET)

> Overview of the topic of 3D scanning

> Digital processing: In three steps from the user scan to the finished print file

> Possibilities of digital manufacturing in orthopedic technology

Digitale Werkstatt 3d-gedruckte Orthese

LIVE (held in English)

The digital process chain: From a scan to a finished 3D-printed orthosis

Next date to be announced

Next date to be announced

> Basic knowledge  3D printing & milling in orthotics

> Material science

> Recommendation for print service providers


LIVE (held in English)

Digital manufacturing made easy: 3D printing, milling & more

Dec. 8, 2021, 6 - 7 pm (CET)

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Dec. 8, 2021, 6 - 7 pm (CET)



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You might never cast for an AFO again.

> Scanning with your iPhone?

> Digitally correcting & modeling - without prior CAD knowledge?

> How to fabricate orthoses additively?

Special webinar on August 31 with experts from COMB, Additive America, MPower Health & Mecuris (in English)


DeepDive Workshops - let´s focus on use cases

With our DeepDive workshops, we take your CAD modeling and design skills to a new level with the Mecuris Solution Platform. Join our live workshops or have a look at the video recordings.

Come join our hands-on webinar for correcting an modeling a functional form for a drop hand:

> Practical use case: Creation of functional orthosis without joints for a drop hand
> BETA: You´ll  learn how to digitally correct a user scan.
> You´ll learn how to model a functional form for a functional orthosis without joints

> On top of that we´ll show you all there is to know about our new user interface

LIVE-Webinar (held in English)

Funktionsorthese Hand

DeepDive hand: Creation of a functional form for a hand orthosis 

Next date to be announced

In this on-demand recording you´ll see how to:

> do a pose correction of a femoral scan
> model a functional form: smoothing, application & removal of material on ankle, forefoot widening, bulging
> model a footbed and define the edge

LIVE-Webinar (held in English)

DeepDive Modeling: Purpose form creation for upper leg orthoses

Mecuris3D Modeling - Zweckform Modellierung Oberschenkel Orthese.png
Digitale Werkstatt 3d-gedruckte Orthese

In this live webinar you´ll see how to:

> do a digital pose correction of a user scan
> model a functional form for a clubfoot orthosis & model with and without joint
> design and configure a blank of a clubfoot orthosis

LIVE-Webinar (held in English)

DeepDive lower leg: correction, modeling & configuration of a clubfoot orthosis

Next date to be announced




Don´t miss the upcoming webinar dates!

1-on-1 Sessions

Our experts are also available for individual trainings - for yourself or your immediate team. Use these discussions to clarify your specific questions and adapt your personal setup.

> Answering individual questions about the tools of the MSP

> Tips & tricks 

> Review of specific cases


LIVE (held in English)

1-on-1 Training:
Digital workshop - tools in use

Dates: 2-3, by arrangement

Duration: 3-4 hours

Price total: 295.- €

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> Answers your questions about milling and 3D printing in orthopaedics technology
> Tips & tricks for digital production
> First contacts to proven printing service providers


LIVE (held in English)

Dates: by prior arrangement
Duration: 1 hour

Price: 95,- Euro net

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1-on-1 Training:
Digital manufacturing made easy