The alternative to service manufacturing

Digitally creating customized orthotics - quick and easy

Prosthetists/Orthotistswho deal with the topic of digitalization in orthotics usually ask themselves the following questions at the beginning: Do I acquire complex, often cost-intensive CAD/CAM software to design my devices? Are the costs and effort worth it? Do I have orthotics designed externally via a service manufacturing supplier, based on my specifications and ideas? Are there alternatives to these options?

Until now, the CPO had to decide between the first two choices, which often led to headaches, for both options have advantages and disadvantages.

If the CPO brings his own CAD/CAM software into the company, up to now, he has had to reckon with high investment costs. In addition to the high fees for local installation as well as for subsequent updates as well as additional costs for bundle products such as a scanner or design arm, the CAD programs with countless functions are often so complex that they require a high level of skill in modeling and designing. Long onboarding periods and ongoing training are thus prerequisites for use.

If the CPO works with a service provider for service manufacturing, he hands over knowledge and loses the flexibility and freedom to do the design and modeling work himself. Within the EU and the new European Medical Device Regulation enforce as of May 25, 2021, it should also be noted that this type of service manufacturing apparently no longer falls under the definition of a custom-made product. However, it must be approved as a CE-marked medical device - this also applies to digitally manufactured orthotic blanks. In regulatory terms, the CPO must then obtain declarations of conformity from the digital design service provider and keep track of them in his own quality management system.

The alternative to service manufacturing and costly and complex software

In addition to these two aforementioned paths, there is now a real alternative for CPOs. One that enables the CPO to work completely digitally on his own without having to resort to cost-intensive and complex software solutions. The Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) addresses precisely the above challenges, delivering craft-oriented, intuitive CAD/CAM software for creating special-purpose molds and orthotic blanks. The easy-to-use, cost-effective and web-based software thus offers businesses of all sizes a safe and simple entry into digitization. The platform offers a workflow and various tools: Mecuris3D Correction provides the CPO with a tool for anatomical posture correction of a user scan. Mecuris3D Modeling offers the possibility to model purpose shapes of any kind. Starting now, the Mecuris3D Creator is available. The CPO can independently design a final 3D print file for lower leg orthosis blanks from a digital special purpose form with little effort and without prior CAD design know-how.

Mecuris3D Creator: The new tool for configurating and designing individual orthoses

No thermoforming, no material and plaster storage, no dirt, but more time for patient care: As with the previous tools, we based the development of the Mecuris3DCreator on the requirements and needs of the CPO. These are then implemented in cooperation with our technology partner trinckle, a specialist in parametric software systems and automated design processes. The goal was to create the easiest way to translate the complex topic of orthotic design for specific use cases as simply as possible. Thus, the functional scope concentrates on the components of the manufacturing process that are relevant for the lower leg orthoses . Intuitive operation and a short learning curve are basic requirements for a tool in the Mecuris Solution Platform. The free selection of the wall thickness, the course of the edge, the setting of holes for closure systems as well as patterns and contours simultaneously offers the user freedom of design and creation. The know-how remains entirely with the CPO and time-consuming coordination with external service providers is eliminated. After completion, the final file can simply be downloaded.

With the integration of this tool, a CPO can create the print file of an individual positioning splint in less than 30 minutes: From scanning to digital posture correction, modeling and orthotic design, the expertise for this remains entirely with him. The 3D printing of the blank then takes place on the company's own printer or via a printing service provider. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

The Mecuris3D Creator is now integrated into the Mecuris3D NightSplint workflow on the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) for all users. This workflow allows you to digitally create blanks for orthoses.

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