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Technical documentation in just one click

To make it easier for you to create the technical documentation for your special production, you now have the option of downloading relevant data as a PDF file. In addition to supply details, you will receive the following information for each tool used, which you can view, save and check afterwards:

  • Mecuris3D Correction: angle changes of all corrected joints

  • Mecuris 3D Modeling: circumference and length measurements

  • Mecuris3D Creator: design parameters such as wall thickness, number and dimension of holes, design elements and color

Download PDF • 63KB


Mecuris3D Correction: Hand pose correction in its beta version

From now on, the extension for the hand is available as a beta version on the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) in the Mecuris3D Correction tool. This enables you to use this innovative tool in a completely new way, also in the area of the upper extremities. Now you can digitally correct the uncorrected scan of a hand in a time-saving manner. You can then use Mecuris3D Modeling to model the digitally corrected scan to create an individual functional form for functional hand orthoses with or without joints. You can then CNC mill this form, for instance, and finish the orthosis in your usual process. Get a beta tester now and actively co-design the future of this tool.

Login on the MSP and get beta tester! Find out more in our on-demand video of our DeepDive Webinar: functional form modeling hand


New design (3|3): Tools & workflow directly accessible on start screen

We have fundamentally redesigned the user interface of the start page. The tools Mecuris3D Correction, Mecuris3D Modeling & Mecuris3D Creator as well as the workflow Mecuris3D NightSplint can now be accessed seperately with one click directly from the start page. This means more freedom & flexibility for you to decide at which point you want to enter the digital process.

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New design (2|3): Overview pages for even more clarity

On the well-structured overview pages, after using a tool, you now have the option to flexibly decide how far you want to use the digital process or at which point you want to switch to the traditional work process. For this purpose, the following options are available on the new overview pages: Download models as STL files, continue working with another tool or get info on the manufacturing of your final product.


New design (3|3): Pre-selection of body parts & test scans available

Before you start working with a tool, you can now pre-select the body part you want to work on. In addition, a test scan is available for editing for each body part in the upload view.

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Additive manufacturing - Find your service provider for your finished product

You can now access a selection of manufacturing service providers for the production of your processed models in the Mecuris Solution Platform.

To find the right service provider, simply use the filter function. By clicking on the button "Contact now" you can easily send an e-mail request to the respective contact person. The page can be accessed after using a tool or workflow in the overview page, as well as in the service section of the navigation bar.

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Make 2 out of 1: The mirror function

With our software you save time - and now twice! With the new mirror function, you can now easily mirror individual objects - regardless of whether it's a whole body part or a single, uploaded auxiliary object. In the video you can see how to create a mirrored counterpart with just one click:


Mecuris3D Creator - The tool to configure & design an orthotic shell

Now orthotists configure and design orthotic blanks for transtibial orthoses independently in mere minutes with our new tool - the Mecuris3D Creator. Read more


Focus on core business: Full speed ahead for our digital services

Concentrating on our core business - our digital product portfolio - the Mecuris Solution Platform presents itself in a completely new design and with a new user interface. Schedule demo now | LogIn MSP