Digitalize your orthotics manufacturing process with a simple CAD/CAM solution.


Mecuris Solution Platform - Your Digital Workshop

Use CAD/CAM orthotics software easily and quickly.

You want to create orthoses faster? Achieve more treatments in the same amount of time? Work more efficiently and economically? Then we offer you exactly the right sofware solution. Our our digital workshop, the Mecuris Solution Platform.

With our cost-effective and intuitive CAD software, you can create individual orthoses digitally, saving time and money. Without any prior knowledge of 3D technologies and regardless of the size of your business.

The best thing about it: You decide just how digitally you want to work. Each of our software tools can be integrated flexibly into your manual workflow thanks to variable entry and exit options. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of digitization in those jobs that were previously particularly time-consuming for you. Meanwhile, your intuition, expertise and experience remain completely in your hands.

CAD/CAM Software für Orthetik - einfach und schnell nutzbar


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“The software from Mecuris is much simpler than the one we used before. That's why several colleagues are now modeling with it.”

Lars Tennler,

Medical Supply Store Gunser GmbH

Tools & workflows at a glance: The software for prosthetists/orthotists and medical professionals

We want to support your work, to make your life easier and to speed up the creation of orthotics. 

To achieve this, we translate traditional craftsmanship into digital tools and easy-to-use workflows according to your requirements. These are available to you on our Mecuris Solution Platform. Convince yourself!

Digital tools of orthotics

Workflow for the creation of orthosis blanks

Mecuris3D Correction - das einfache CAD CAM Werkzeug zur digitalen Haltungskorrektur fuer Orthopädietechniker

Mecuris3D Correction

Korrigierter Spitzfuss - nach Nutzung der digitalen Haltunskorrektur-Software von Mecuris
Nicht korrigierter Spitzfuss - vor Nutzung der digitalen Haltunskorrektur-Software von Mecuris

User scan correction

Mecuris3D Modeling

Modeling the user scan into any type of functional form

Digital modelllierte Zweckform einer Orthese
Korrigierter Spitzfuss - nach Nutzung der digitalen Haltunskorrektur-Software von Mecuris
Digital designter Orthesen-Rohling
Digitale Konfiguration einer Orthesenschale

Configuration & design of an individual orthosis blank

Mecuris3D Creator

Mecuris3D NightSplint

From 3D-scan to final blank for positioning orthoses in under 45 minutes - your sample workflow: step-by-step through CAD/CAM software customized for you.

Digitale Orthesenwerkstatt - Online Modellierung einer Zweckform
3D gedruckte Orthesenschale mit der Software von Mecuris
Digitale Werkstatt 3D Scan .jpg
CAD_CAM Software Mecuris 3D - Download.p

On-demand webinar explains
tools of Mecuris Solution Platform

Get a brief overview about 3D-scanning in O&P and learn how to

> do a digital pose correction of an uncorrected user scan

> model a user scan with pointed foot into a digital functional form

> design and configure orthosis digital (define wall thickness, holes, patterns..)


That's why CPOs trust our CAD/CAM software:

Orthesen einfach digital erstellen

Easy & intuitive

Orthesen schnell digital erstellen

Save time:
Cut production costs by up to 75%

Orthesen schnell reproduzierbar

One dataset, multiple possibilities: reproducibility, multiple treatment, growth adjustment

CAD_CAM Software Mecuris3D - flexibel im Einsatz.png

Flexible, browser-based, usable from anywhere

CAD CAM Software Orthesen kostenlos

Economical, sustainable, reliable

News & other interesting content

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Digitalization as a turbo

Our expert Marcus Erler chats with Lars Tennler, CPO and head of orthopedic technology at Sanitätshaus Gunser, Germany, about his journey to digitalization and all the challenges it brings.

We support you!

Get to know the Mecuris Solution Platform better in one of our webinars or arrange a personal demo appointment. Or remain independent? Our video library with useful explanations, tips & tricks will help you.

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Digitale Orthesenwerkstatt - Online Mode
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